Our Maternity Photos

         I'm not sure I have words to really express what this session meant to me. Not only did I feel like I would never be able to have a session like this, I didn't expect pregnancy to be as wonderful as it has been. I literally LOVE being pregnant. I love mirrors and reflections of my big belly, I love all the wiggles and kicks to my bladder, I love baby classes, baby pinterest boards, baby showers, and nursery decorating, and I really don't even care that I have peed my pants a few times because of said bladder kicks. (TMI? sorry) The happiness Aaron and I feel is such an extreme contrast from the last couple of years it feels so undeserved. Isn't God's grace like that? So undeserved, yet so shocking and beautiful. 

      These photos are also special because I walked through infertility with Karissa (the photographer). I was able to photograph her maternity session after years of waiting, and then for her to come to my house and do the same was surreal and perfect. She captured us in our element, our home, with our fur babies who mean quite a bit to us. So so thankful for her and her talent. More pics coming soon once baby shields arrives!  

Side Note: Since I am booked for the remainder of this year and if you are still wanting photos, email her she rocks!! karissa@carisdesign.com