The Nursery

I'll admit right from the start, this was a LOT harder than I expected it to be. I mean, who decided we weren't going to find out gender?? cough cough Aaron.. cough...  Not knowing gender makes decorating extremely difficult, and the main focal point (above the crib) is TBD once we figure out who this little one is because I will either go bonkers toward girly, or subtle boyish if it is a boy..  

I, however, did have fun putting furniture together, organizing drawers with my mom and mother-in-law, and shopping my heart out. I'm a bit sad that everything is done and we are almost ready to bring baby Shields home, but also so thankful and so so excited to hold this little one. God has been so good to us, even in the tough journey getting here, I feel beyond blessed to have had the most wonderful pregnancy. I have felt awesome pretty much the entire time (minus first trimester). Yes, I am getting uncomfortable, yes it is hot out, yes I am a bit swollen, but I am sleeping great and feeling this baby move on the daily will be one of the highlights of my entire life. 

Let the countdown begin. less than 4 weeks to go! 

p.s. I find these two in here often, Haley the most. She will bring me a random toy now and then and drop it in my lap, or take a snooze in here. I think she will be the best big sister ever! 

p.s.s. The lamb was mine when I was a newborn :) 

With Love, Sarah