2016 and on..

   2016 was my year of denial. "No, I am a wedding photographer, I don't do portraits. Well.. ok just this once..."  I had 50 portrait sessions this year. 50!!!! No, no, I am not a portrait photographer... 


     I can't say no to you, because I really do enjoy it. I LIKE your kids! I don't care that they scream, or won't smile, or run from me. I just chase them. I make weird faces, I tickle them, I play peek-a-boo.  I crave a connection with my portrait families and your children, I want to watch them grow up and capture those faces as they change and the inches they grow. I want to see your homes and how you live, I want you to remember how you live! I also love getting those emails, "wow, that was fast" (I have a weird crazy turnaround time) or "I just had no idea you got anything at all, my kid was being horrible and these are amazing" Really, I hope that my clients might actually have a good time at their sessions. 

     back to my denial.. I really felt like I couldn't serve them, I couldn't serve YOU. I couldn't possibly give you as great of images as those other photographers who "specialized" in portraits, I wasn't enough. BUT you all told me that yes, I could. You wanted me to capture these memories for you. You just kept asking and as hard as I pushed back you just picked dates and times and I just kept showing up. So thank you. Thank you for believing in me.

So 2017 Here I come, no more denial. 

Hi, I'm Sarah, I am a Portrait Photographer.


Oh, hey look.. all those photos taken in 2016 by the not a portrait photographer girl...