A Real Estate Experience Unlike the Rest

So, maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I photograph homes periodically for realtors. Every house needs great photos to help it sell fast and to post everywhere online for buyers to see. Well, I actually really enjoy this for a few reasons.

First, and I admit this is a selfish reason, it is easy and fun. 

Secondly, I get to see a lot of great homes, hear some cool stories of why and where people are moving, and a lot of times I get some great decorating ideas!!

This morning was unlike any real estate experience I have had thus far, and I will admit, it has been my favorite. 

I walked into this house knowing that the realtor mentioned it would be dark and that the owner was an elderly woman. Ok, I bring my flash and gear up for high iso and slow shutters, but when I walked in, it instantly felt like a home. The owner lived there 35 years with her husband and I believe either her or his parents built the house in the 40's. So basically, no one else has ever lived there besides their family. There was amazing art on the walls, collections and priceless pieces in every corner, tons of framed degrees hanging in the office, and BOOKS!!!! SO. MANY. BOOKS!! (Aaron would have died and gone to heaven) 

The owner talked to me a lot about their books, her husband was a psychoanalyst and an avid reader. and boy did they love each other. ALL over the house were these amazing notes typed out and taped to mirrors. IT was the sweetest and most tender thing Ive witnessed and by far the number one thing that made this house a home. 

Even after her husband passed away several years ago, she still kept all of his notes taped up. They shared something beautiful together, and on my entire drive home I just thought about life and how it goes so fast.  I thought about how we can't take any of our STUFF with us when we go, none of it and how she will have to leave most of this behind. BUT they lived. They loved. They made a home together, love notes and all. 

Isn't this house so NEAT!!!??

After I was done photographing her home, she came downstairs with a stack full of books and said that since I had mentioned that my husband loved to read, that he would appreciate me gifting these to him. Making your husband important and thinking of him seemed like the most natural and important thing in the world to her. She wanted to help me do that. So.. here is my stack and I will never forget this lovely woman and her amazing home that she built together with her soul-mate.