My 3 B's to help me relax and "check out"

Season started off with a bang this year, having a new portrait site has been so incredibly awesome, and I have been afraid to do this for years!! WHY?! You should read this post. Spring came around and I kept waiting and waiting thinking... well maybe people don't really remember that I am shooting portraits and real estate... or maybe I need to do more advertising... OR maybe I just need to wait until the world turns green.. Yep that was it! It started 2 weeks ago. At the end of, what I consider, the first week of my season, I had 7 shoots and a wedding, then this week I have already had 8 with 6 mini sessions on Saturday. 

I was prepared, but oh how I wasn't prepared. I missed my "me" time!  Leading me to this post!! "What I do to relax and "check out."  

Number 1: Books!!!!!  I love reading and I love the library. I could spend all day roaming the library and looking for books, comparing them with the goodreads app, and coming home with my arms overflowing. 

Number 2: Bubbles!! I love baths! This, of course, works wonderfully with reading because I can do both at once. I almost take a bath daily, usually in the evening before bed. 

Number 3: Baking. You may not know, that I absolutely LOVE to bake. I don't very often, because I simply don't need to eat baked goods. Although I do eat a lot of ice cream...sigh.. anywhooo Some of my specialties include my grandma's chocolate chip cookies (that she stole from the back of the crisco box... I didn't know this until I was's a long story) Carrot Cake, brownies, strawberry cheesecake truffle, lemon cookies, and homemade snickers.  

I was craving oreo's, while staring at my computer for like the millionth hour in a row. I may have seen a commercial or something, dang advertisers!  BUT then of course I started hearing those snooty "organic" voices in my head (don't lie, you hear them too), and I thought, oh man they have so many chemicals in them, I should make my own... PLUS I can relax while making them.  

SO... I tried it! 

Naturally, I didn't have a round cookie cutter- next best thing? awwww a HEART!!!  

So... even though it was totally fun and relaxing, the sad news is that although they were tasty... they definitely were NOT Oreos. Next time I hear those "voices" I will ignore them and drive to the store! 

**find the recipe here.  (I used Vanilla creamer instead of half and half.. because.. why not?! and I definitely didn't use whole wheat flower.. ew...) 

With Love,