The Wittmers | lots of personality and love

It is always a little nerve wracking being asked by a very talented photographer to capture her own family photos. It is also a BIG honor. With that said, Ashley told me she really didn't want anyone in her family to look at the camera.. um.. what? That was a first for me... but ok that sounds kind of fun actually!  Of course it was almost impossible, because every single person in this family has incredible eyes, so I of course had to feature those a bit, but in all reality, what she meant was, I want to show the personality of my family. 

I don't really feel like I need to explain how this session went, because you can clearly see in the photos we had a little fun. just a little ;) 

See Ashley's incredible work here:  (Ashley Wittmer Photography)

Christy + Ben + Ella + Miles | Summer Sunset Family Session

"What happens if my kids don't behave?"

I hear this SO often and I fear it is the biggest obstacle from parents getting photos taken.  

After you look through these photos I sure hope you are thinking, wow well, doesn't this look like a perfect session? In complete honesty it absolutely was, for me at least. Christy probably didn't feel like that on the drive home. Miles is 3. Three year olds love to run, pout, laugh, take potty breaks, do the opposite of what you tell them, laugh uncontrollably when your sister comes to tickle you, cry for no reason, snuggle with your favorite stuffed monkey, and on..and on.. and you know what? I LOVE EVERY SECOND with those crazy toddlers.

I can tell when parents start to worry and I just shake my head and say let them be little. I don't even get worried like parents do if kids don't pose every single way I want them to. I just tell parents to let them be who they are and I will chase them, try and relax and love on them. 

To me these photos are SO full of life, and really how else do you want your family captured?? 

Thanks to these 4 for being perfect models and especially for Miles for having an amazing and strong personality. Aren't they all just the CUTEST?!?!

p.s. I think after this first image Christy was getting a bit nervous... I wasn't. ;) 


With Love, Sarah


Jonathan | Class of 2017

AW shoot.., I love seniors. They are SO fun and show up in awesome outfits. Red. yes. please. They know how to laugh and have fun, and they have so much to look forward to. Jonathan was no exception and we had a great time walking around the canal and enjoying the most gorgeous sunset light of all time. Jonathan is off to IU in the fall and he seems pretty excited about that. Being a hoosier fan (only because I married only) and of course have a dog named Hoosier, I was pretty excited he chose Bloomington.  You will do awesome! Congrats on graduation! 

with love,


The Sprinkle's | Scarlett is 6 months old!

Oh how I love this family, if you know the Sprinkles you know that it wasn't easy to get Scarlett, and Karissa holds a special place in my heart for her endurance, patience, and trust in our Lord while waiting for her to come along. She is one of the most wonderful women I have had the honor of knowing. I just love photographing this little peanut who is growing WAY TOO FAST, and this family who loves her so fiercely. 

p.s. BABY LEG ROLLS!!! *swoon

Can't wait for 1 year photos to complete this story! 

With Love,


My 3 B's to help me relax and "check out"

Season started off with a bang this year, having a new portrait site has been so incredibly awesome, and I have been afraid to do this for years!! WHY?! You should read this post. Spring came around and I kept waiting and waiting thinking... well maybe people don't really remember that I am shooting portraits and real estate... or maybe I need to do more advertising... OR maybe I just need to wait until the world turns green.. Yep that was it! It started 2 weeks ago. At the end of, what I consider, the first week of my season, I had 7 shoots and a wedding, then this week I have already had 8 with 6 mini sessions on Saturday. 

I was prepared, but oh how I wasn't prepared. I missed my "me" time!  Leading me to this post!! "What I do to relax and "check out."  

Number 1: Books!!!!!  I love reading and I love the library. I could spend all day roaming the library and looking for books, comparing them with the goodreads app, and coming home with my arms overflowing. 

Number 2: Bubbles!! I love baths! This, of course, works wonderfully with reading because I can do both at once. I almost take a bath daily, usually in the evening before bed. 

Number 3: Baking. You may not know, that I absolutely LOVE to bake. I don't very often, because I simply don't need to eat baked goods. Although I do eat a lot of ice cream...sigh.. anywhooo Some of my specialties include my grandma's chocolate chip cookies (that she stole from the back of the crisco box... I didn't know this until I was's a long story) Carrot Cake, brownies, strawberry cheesecake truffle, lemon cookies, and homemade snickers.  

I was craving oreo's, while staring at my computer for like the millionth hour in a row. I may have seen a commercial or something, dang advertisers!  BUT then of course I started hearing those snooty "organic" voices in my head (don't lie, you hear them too), and I thought, oh man they have so many chemicals in them, I should make my own... PLUS I can relax while making them.  

SO... I tried it! 

Naturally, I didn't have a round cookie cutter- next best thing? awwww a HEART!!!  

So... even though it was totally fun and relaxing, the sad news is that although they were tasty... they definitely were NOT Oreos. Next time I hear those "voices" I will ignore them and drive to the store! 

**find the recipe here.  (I used Vanilla creamer instead of half and half.. because.. why not?! and I definitely didn't use whole wheat flower.. ew...) 

With Love,


A Real Estate Experience Unlike the Rest

So, maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I photograph homes periodically for realtors. Every house needs great photos to help it sell fast and to post everywhere online for buyers to see. Well, I actually really enjoy this for a few reasons.

First, and I admit this is a selfish reason, it is easy and fun. 

Secondly, I get to see a lot of great homes, hear some cool stories of why and where people are moving, and a lot of times I get some great decorating ideas!!

This morning was unlike any real estate experience I have had thus far, and I will admit, it has been my favorite. 

I walked into this house knowing that the realtor mentioned it would be dark and that the owner was an elderly woman. Ok, I bring my flash and gear up for high iso and slow shutters, but when I walked in, it instantly felt like a home. The owner lived there 35 years with her husband and I believe either her or his parents built the house in the 40's. So basically, no one else has ever lived there besides their family. There was amazing art on the walls, collections and priceless pieces in every corner, tons of framed degrees hanging in the office, and BOOKS!!!! SO. MANY. BOOKS!! (Aaron would have died and gone to heaven) 

The owner talked to me a lot about their books, her husband was a psychoanalyst and an avid reader. and boy did they love each other. ALL over the house were these amazing notes typed out and taped to mirrors. IT was the sweetest and most tender thing Ive witnessed and by far the number one thing that made this house a home. 

Even after her husband passed away several years ago, she still kept all of his notes taped up. They shared something beautiful together, and on my entire drive home I just thought about life and how it goes so fast.  I thought about how we can't take any of our STUFF with us when we go, none of it and how she will have to leave most of this behind. BUT they lived. They loved. They made a home together, love notes and all. 

Isn't this house so NEAT!!!??

After I was done photographing her home, she came downstairs with a stack full of books and said that since I had mentioned that my husband loved to read, that he would appreciate me gifting these to him. Making your husband important and thinking of him seemed like the most natural and important thing in the world to her. She wanted to help me do that. So.. here is my stack and I will never forget this lovely woman and her amazing home that she built together with her soul-mate. 

Evelyn | Newborn

ok, so yes. Evelyn is the cutest and has the most adorable little chubby cheeks, but I have a little extra soft spot for Jack. We did a family session last fall and he remembered me and promptly gave me a hug after I walked in the door. Heart. Melted. 

I have been told I have kind of a gift with kids, my dad was always that way. kids were just drawn to him and I hope I am the same way. I love seeing my families over again and watching them grow and gain new members.  This little family is no exception.

Welcome baby Evelyn! Can't wait to watch you grow up!!


Welcome baby Claire | Newborn Session

Elaine and Dale were a "Sarah & Rachel" couple a few years ago and now they have welcomed their first baby, Claire. 9lbs 9oz of pure chubby cheek cuteness! She has some of the most bright and attentive eyes I have seen on a newborn, did you see the way she looks right at the camera? Well, HELLO baby girl, you are SO pretty!! I'm Sarah your forever photographer (I decided). 

Side note: another cute nursery alert! the Perfect shade of PINK!!! (Sherwin Williams "Faint Coral")

Welcome baby Claire, you are loved!



Hello baby "Dom" aka Dominic

This little man is THE CUTEST!!! I love his hair (that his dad wishes was darker) and his mom just loves so much. Dominic was seriously the best baby! Even being a little older he slept like a champ through his session and most of the time let me put him where I wanted him. He was never more content though in his daddy's arms. Tim must just have the magic, I mean, don't all dads? 

Welcome to the world baby boy, you are adored already by your mom, dad, and furry siblings. 

p.s. another CUTE NURSERY alert! Robots and monsters and original artwork? YES!!!


Little Miss Olivia | Newborn Session

   I have loved EVERY session with Shannon, Neil, and little Jack. Now they have added even more cuteness to the family. Little Miss Olivia was born December 20th and the whole family is in love. Jack is just the sweetest, I am pretty obsessed with his little smirk in their family photo. He was all smiles and couldn't take his eyes off of the camera (maybe he just thinks I am pretty??)  Jack has those big eyes that are so easy to photograph and I know Olivia will have them also and be just as stunning as her brother. 

Olivia, you are just gorgeous. Welcome to the world, your family and photographer already adore you!

   p.s.  Make sure to check out Olivia's nursery, I wish my bedroom looked like that!! It is absolutely gorgeous.. THAT RUG!!! (wipes drool from mouth).. 

2016 and on..

   2016 was my year of denial. "No, I am a wedding photographer, I don't do portraits. Well.. ok just this once..."  I had 50 portrait sessions this year. 50!!!! No, no, I am not a portrait photographer... 


     I can't say no to you, because I really do enjoy it. I LIKE your kids! I don't care that they scream, or won't smile, or run from me. I just chase them. I make weird faces, I tickle them, I play peek-a-boo.  I crave a connection with my portrait families and your children, I want to watch them grow up and capture those faces as they change and the inches they grow. I want to see your homes and how you live, I want you to remember how you live! I also love getting those emails, "wow, that was fast" (I have a weird crazy turnaround time) or "I just had no idea you got anything at all, my kid was being horrible and these are amazing" Really, I hope that my clients might actually have a good time at their sessions. 

     back to my denial.. I really felt like I couldn't serve them, I couldn't serve YOU. I couldn't possibly give you as great of images as those other photographers who "specialized" in portraits, I wasn't enough. BUT you all told me that yes, I could. You wanted me to capture these memories for you. You just kept asking and as hard as I pushed back you just picked dates and times and I just kept showing up. So thank you. Thank you for believing in me.

So 2017 Here I come, no more denial. 

Hi, I'm Sarah, I am a Portrait Photographer.


Oh, hey look.. all those photos taken in 2016 by the not a portrait photographer girl... 

Dave + Beth + 1 year old Story

      Beth and Dave are some of the sweetest people I have ever been around. They are genuine, caring, fun, relaxed, and simply love life. They were married down in Story, Indiana on a gorgeous fall day. Rachel and I had the privilege of photographing their picture-perfect wedding day. A few years later, they welcomed a baby girl. Of course, they had to name her Story! She is such a doll baby and if you notice the tickle attack at the end, she is full of laughs and cute little 1 year old giggles. 

Interior Designer | Whittney Parkinson

     Beyond photography my other passion is interior design, decorating, remodeling, HGTV, etc. I have always had an eye for a beautiful home. Whittney Parkinson trumps me by a million with her design skills, I am just lucky enough to be able to capture it once in awhile. She transformed this home in the Village of West Clay and I did all but gasp as I walked in the front door to see her work. 

See more of her work at

Tyler + Heidi + baby Ari

      In home, lifestyle, newborn sessions are my thing. There is just nothing like having memories of  the house you brought your baby home to, the nursery they slept in, and the couch you all snuggled on. Real memories are created in these spaces and they should be photographed! I love incorporating furry family members and you as new parents. I want you to look at these in 20 years and say "oh my, look how young we were, and oh do you remember that couch we loved and that stuffed elephant on the shelf." Those my friends, are REAL memories. 

    Time to introduce you to Ari Coher, his parents Tyler and Heidi, and his furry siblings Dory and Bruce. They are all absolutely smitten with tiny little Ari... well maybe not Bruce, but everyone else for sure!